shaf.com.au began many years ago as a site dedicated to facilitating the popular Arts Studio Trail which takes over the Highlands on the first two weekends of November. SHAF stood for the Southern Highlands ‘Arts Festival’.. a loose collection of arts and cultural events during that month.

The Art Studio Trail has matured, artistic expression in the Highlands has burgeoned and, to keep pace, the site has been completely re-imagined as Southern Highlands ARTS FILE.. a dedicated portal to all things ARTS / CULTURE / DESIGN – all year round.

Now open to the full spectrum of creative endeavour, SHAF will bring you information and profiles across Visual Arts/Artisan, Music, Performing Arts, Literature, Museums + Galleries and Creative Industries. It is an organic entity serving the Southern Highlands and its creative community by joining the many creative dots, engaging with artists of all disciplines, musical groups, theatre companies, producers, publishers and arts organisations.

As you can imagine, the evolution of the site has been time consuming and complex, and it’s not over yet. It will grow and evolve over time as thoughtful ARTS Profiles are added, the What’s ON? becomes more focused and the ARTS Blog helps spread the news in the arts. Further, an Arts Practice section is in the works – this will serve as an arts directory and go-to section for practical assistance, educational opportunities and more.

So if you have an event coming up that would be appropriate for a major Feature on our Home Page, let us know; remember our Blog as a vehicle for getting your information out there; watch for developments and give us feedback.. Explore SHAF and enjoy!