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Max Miller

Painting and Printmaking
Artist Statement
To describe Max Miller and Janie Bligh as Professional Established Artists belies their impact, influence and achievement as pure and lifetime artists, travellers, teachers, creative colleagues and artist advocates.

With awards and exhibition lists as long as an arm and a CV that reads like a who’s who of Australian Art, Max Miller has etched his way into the folklore of Australian art. He describes himself as a painter and etcher, and paints with watercolour on handmade paper and oil on linen. He paints landscapes and botanics in an evolutionary way and attributes the influence of China, India and Japan to his contemplative abstract works.

Max has recently had work exhibited at the NSW Art Gallery Wynne Prize 2016
1978 Kangaloon Road The Old Schoolhouse
East KangaloonNSW 2576


02 4888 2253