Kim Shannon with Lucinda McDonald / Milk Factory Gallery


Kim Shannon will be exhibiting recent paintings loosely based on the theme of form and shadow, they are a mixture of poetry and comment.

BY ARTSFile Editor


I have always enjoyed the observed world, and the challenge of bringing that together with an interior one, becoming aware of the metaphor, or just painting something for the sheer pleasure of it’

I paint the things that are around the house; things lived with – including people – or the beauty of an accidental arrangement of shapes and spaces.

I will be sharing the space at The Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral with Lucinda McDonald and her wonderfully playful and lyrical steel sculptures’.

Growing up in Sydney in the 1950’s, Kim’s art education began through art in books, van Gogh, Cezanne, Goya, El Greco. This was supplemented by the occasional visit to that Victorian edifice, the Art Gallery of NSW – before the extension – seeing Streeton, Dobell and others, in the flesh. Later odd things like Gilbert and George who were weirdly fascinating, and Christo wrapping Little Bay.

However it was paint that fascinated her, it was a purely visceral relationship, the smell and feel and the mystery of creating a tactile world on a flat surface.


My work comes from a subconscious place of huge skies and open landscapes. Of colours, shapes and spaces born from the African subcontinent, primal and mysterious. Of a time of discovery and creation that became apparent to me as a child, juxtaposed between worlds’.

Today, her painting and sculptural work speaks of displacement, her love of landscape, space and people’s lives in and around it, and her enduring pursuit to find her place and purpose in it. She works instinctively and the work she produces is integral to my past experiences.

The works for the Milk Factory exhibition ‘More than Shadows’  have been selected by Kim Shannon for their ‘playfulness and lyrical qualities’. The inspiration for these sculptures is  generally triggered by that initial piece of steel I find lying in my workshop and hence the work evolves. I have long been an admirer of Kim Shannon’s paintings so it is a pleasure to show my work alongside hers’.


November 1 to December 1
Opening November 2 at 2pm

The Milk Factory Gallery
33 Station Street Bowral NSW 2576

P 4862 1077
Open seven days from 10am

  • Kim Shannon: Creek Weeds Autumn
  • Kim Shannon: Memory 3
  • Kim Shannon: Plastic Variations
  • Lucinda McDonald: Launch
  • Lucinda McDonald: The Linking Segment
  • Lucinda McDonald: Twist and Shout