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When is it on?

19/03/2020 - 31/03/2020

Where is it?

1 Short St
Bowral NSW 2576



Photo Gallery

About the event

“Savanna Caravan – Wearable Treasures
19-31 March 2020
Open daily 10am-4pm. BDAS, 1 Short Street, Bowral.

Savanna’s Wearable Treasures jewellery is extra ordinary. Born in Prague, in Africa, educated in London, Savanna has been on the road all her life. During the decades that she worked as a photojournalist, under her real name Susan Storm, she collected beads, silver and artefacts dating from Roman times to the 19th century. Now she reassembles these ancient, different, unusual, collectible, and beautiful bits and pieces into her Wearable Treasures collection. She renamed herself Savanna in the Moroccan desert, and Caravan because the Silk route is her favourite place. Every piece is unique, every piece tells a story. When you acquire a Savanna Caravan design you’ll become another custodian of a rapidly disappearing culture and history.”

Opening cocktails Friday 20 March 5.30 – 7.30pm. Surprise guest!